Sapthagiri PU College - Education is re-imagined and re-engineered here

We bring out the best not only from the best but from everybody.
Shobharani & Thejaswini, Including 10th % along with PU. Half and half with student speak/ toppers speak!
It’s enough for the bad ones to make the noise. It is now time for the good ones to make noise!

Our Success Report

Take a glance at our students performance Output during 2015-16
We Don't Teach.. We Prepare

Some people simply cannot take things along. They want to take things further. They want to startagain and take another brave step.They will see the future and knock down the wallsto reach it. Insist that dream is possible. Bored by the invention of the superficial kind, they want more. Because their goal is not to improve what has been done before. But to totally reimagine it.

“The 21st century education is changing and it is definitely going to be different in the coming future. Today the world isshifting towards creativity and innovation, connectivity and collaboration, sustainability and global citizenship. At Sapthagiri, we foresee this future of education and we are constantly knocking down all walls to reach it.

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SAPTHAKA - as we proudly call ourselves imbibe these ‘Seven’ values!
“Our belief and vision can be best interpreted through the life of a ‘Saptaka’ in our college. Our extensive range of facilities & infrastructure, our systems & processes and our exceptional programs and events are all focused to make our students excel – as a student and as a human being.”


We believe in leading by example


We work hard and aim high


We respect and care for each other


We live our values


We are dedicated in heart, mind and soul


We constantly strive without fear of failure


We are determined to unlock our potential

Our Management

The Backbone of this Institution
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Sri. D. S. Kumar

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Dr. NiranjanAradhya

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Mrs. Archana. S. Kumar

Chief Belief Officer
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Mr. Mrinal Kumar

Chief Executive Officer